Tutorial videos

Audience, Growth Tools, Messages

This tutorial video will help you understand: 

» Different Growth tools 

» Various ways to get subscribers 

» Where to find data & subscriber activity 

» Tools for communicating with subscribers 

» Message sending best practices

» Card types to deliver info & assets 

» How to track and collect data 

» Tags, Custom Fields, Actions, Skip

» Third Party Integrations using Zapier

Continue To Next Step & Sequences

This tutorial video will walk you through:

» Uses for Continue to Another Step feature

» How to use Smart Delays

» Uses for Sequences 

» Best practices for Sequences

» Techniques to improve customer experience

» Message Flow shortcuts & options

» Uses for the Actions feature

Keywords, Rules, Menu, Broadcasts

This tutorial video will explain: 

» Using Keywords to get subscribers & communicate with them more efficiently 

» Educating users on how to Unsubscribe

» Using Rules to trigger certain messages or Flows

» Setting up Welcome Message & Main Menu to get users to subscribers and take different actions

» Greeting Text uses

» Default Reply options & uses

Linking ManyChat & Zapier

This tutorial video will take you step-by-step through:

» Collecting data from subscribers

» Sending data from ManyChat to Third Party Platforms & Software using Zapier

» Connecting accounts with ManyChat & Zapier

» Using User Input for PRO accounts

» Using Tags & best practices 

» Setting up Zaps in Zapier

» Testing Zaps 

YouTube: Broadcast To Your Subscribers

This video will show you:

» How to use the Broadcast feature in ManyChat to message your subscribers

» Ways to get ManyChat subscribers

» Permission message marketing best practices 

» Techniques for qualifying your subscribers

» Ways to segment your subscribers 

» How to clean your subscriber list 

» Educate users on how to Unsubscribe 

» Effective methods for following up with your subscribers 

YouTube: Ref Url Growth Tool Tips

This video will take you through:

» 8 Ways to use a Messenger Ref URL  Growth Tool 

» What a Messenger Ref URL Growth Tool is

» Why you should use a Ref URL Growth Tool

» Where you should use a Ref URL Growth Tool 

» Messenger Ref URL best practices 

» Messenger Ref URL strategies to promote your bot everywhere your audience is hanging out


The Loyalty Blast Tutorial

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The Content Notifier Tutorial

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The Evergreen Webinar Tutorial

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