Where Local Businesses Should Advertise In 2019

Thousands of businesses across the United States are missing the boat — they’re failing to take advantage of marketing opportunities that we have available today. 

Ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google are so much more effective than the methods of advertising that local businesses are holding onto. 

Most assume that these newer marketing channels are only for companies that market on a national level, but they couldn’t be more wrong! You can do a lot of powerful targeted local marketing with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google.

In this blog, I’ll cover a lot of internet marketing strategies that local businesses need to be taking advantage of right now and on a regular basis!

Billboards Vs. Social Media Video Ads

While billboards look flashy and seem like a good marketing tactic for local businesses, they can also be vague and not relay a direct message. For brand awareness, billboards may work just fine but it’s the most expensive way.

With a video ad, the viewer can consume more and understand more information about the business as opposed to the limited amount of information on a sign. Your office address, the primary product or service you offer, and a phone number is only the beginning. In a video ad on Facebook, you can also include customer testimonials, reasons why you’re the expert above your competitor, and a brief tour of your office to give the potential customer peace of mind and build trust with them. 

Plus, billboards can only be seen by the people who drive by them, with little to no chance for targeting based on your ideal customer. On the other hand, a video ad allows a business to target the demographic and audience that is more likely to become loyal customers.


With local ads on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, you can use intelligent interest-based targeting and reach more of those people who are likely to purchase your product or be interested in your service. 

Storefront Exposure Vs. Social Media Video Ads

Many businesses rely on exposure from people walking or driving by their location. Unfortunately, too many businesses aren’t doing advertising outside of this storefront exposure and it’s likely that’s where their advertising dollar stops.

I highly recommend these types of businesses to start with a small budget and run ads on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube using video content as a way to spread awareness to those people within a 10-mile radius of their store. Assigning age ranges, behaviors, interests, income levels and other demographics can help these businesses grow an audience on these platforms, increase awareness and then retarget to warm up those potential customers.

Without running ads on a regular basis to stay top of mind, how can a business expect a potential customer to know any more about them than the next one down the street with the same storefront exposure? 

By having ads, a small business can massively stand out from the competition and increase awareness among the thousands of people in their local area.

On top of that, a business that shares their customer testimonials and explains how their products and services are better can stand out from other nearby competitors and build trust and credibility at the same time!

Added Benefits Of Social Media Video Ads

Much Lower Cost: Your cost to reach 1,000 people is a lot lower on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube compared to newspaper ads, magazine ads, and billboards. Even radio ads are more expensive (and less effective) than informational social media videos.

More Value: You can share a lot more information in a video than you can with a billboard, as people will only see the billboard for a few seconds and there’s limited space. Videos can show people hard stats and facts, as well as highlight products and services and how they work. You can also retarget customers with your ads online. On different days, your potential customers will see different ads as opposed to seeing the same information over and over again! A radio ad that features different voiceovers is great but targeting the ideal customer is virtually impossible with radio.

More Impact: Because you can have multiple videos and run these ads for longer periods of time, you have the potential to make a much larger impact — something that will stick with the customer or make your business stand out. The retargeting factor of being able to reach the same person with multiple ads also plays a role as they start getting to know, like and trust you.

More Referrals: It’s much easier to share an ad on Facebook or Instagram (or anything online for that matter) than it is to share a newspaper clipping, radio ad or the information on a passing billboard. Plus, you can look at referrals like getting free customers!

More Data: By running ads on these various social media platforms, you’re going to get back a lot of valuable data such as what gender and age range of users responds best with your ads. You’ll be able to see which targeting is working best and what ads are most effective based on how many clicks, views, likes, leads and purchases you’re getting.

More Trackable: With the valuable data you get from running ads, you can easily see and control how your money is being spent and the cost of each action your audience is taking. By knowing your costs, you can make much more informed decisions on how you should adjust your spend, how to mold your creative and how to reach your ideal customers overall while paying less.

If you got a lot of value from these strategies on how local businesses should be advertising in 2019, we would love to help you more! Book a call with me anytime if you're not the do-it-yourself type, or click HERE to check out more of these DIY strategies when you join my 100% FREE digital marketing course called The Free Boss Lifestyle Course! 


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