Trends That Actually Matter For Your Digital Marketing Efforts

By 2020, 80 percent of businesses will use (or already use) chatbots to market their products and services. 

While strategies like email marketing have been popular for a long time, business owners have to continue to incorporate new methods to stay ahead of the competition. 

Digital marketing is always changing and if you don’t want to be left behind, then you need to change your approach with the times. 

Here are four digital marketing trends to incorporate in 2019.

 1 | The Trend That Keeps On Trending: Video 


Video has been around for a while and the numbers continue to support it. After all, 73 percent of U.S. adults say they use YouTube online or on their cell phones, and over the past two years internet video traffic made up 69% of all global consumer Internet traffic. Not only have users caught on, but so have digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners (and in a variety of ways). 

Just as an example, business owners are interacting with their customers using live video on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram — it’s not just influencers. Marketers are also repurposing their content by turning blog posts into videos. 

Experts say that over 75 percent of the world's mobile data traffic will be in the form of video by 2020. 

2 | Facebook Messenger And Chatbots 

Facebook Messenger marketing and chatbots are taking over digital marketing and the sooner your business jumps aboard, the sooner you will reap the rewards.

ManyChat is currently the number one program that allows marketers to create a Facebook Messenger bot, and this bot is an all-in-one marketing platform that’s revolutionizing the way people communicate with brands online. With ManyChat, you can take your marketing, sales, and customer support to a new level thanks to personalized, one-on-one experiences with potential and current customers alike. 

Chatbots also result in increased open rates as compared to more common methods like email marketing — and that’s just the beginning. 

 3 | Content 

Content has been and will always be king, but that doesn’t mean it’s staying exactly the same. 

Digital marketers are getting more than just one piece of content out of a blog. Now, marketers are taking the content from a blog and creating videos, social media posts, emails, messenger marketing messages, etc.

In its most basic form, a piece of content (such as an article) can tell a story and be engaging; however, it can also build familiarity and trust with your customers and even shorten your sales cycle. 

4 | Social Media Trends 

Here are some of the social media trends that won’t be going away anytime soon and will have a huge impact on digital marketing in 2019. 

Video: As mentioned above, videos are crucial to digital marketing and especially on social media networks like Facebook and Instagram. Video is a great way to share information with your audience fast and in a way that’s entertaining and engaging. Watching is the new reading.

Facebook Live & Instagram Stories: Like video, using Facebook Live and Instagram Stories is perfect for staying relevant to your audience. “Going live” is also very easy to do and almost effortless in terms of production. These platforms make information easily accessible to your audience any time, anywhere. Just have a call to action and stick to the topic at hand!

Social Media Ads: There’s a lot of value in testing Facebook and Instagram ads to see what performs better and how switching up the approach on Instagram is sometimes necessary. In terms of the length of posts, marketers are constantly testing long-form copy for ads vs. short-term copy. Simply put, there are mixed results and it depends on a company-by-company basis. 

Posting Frequency: Unlike the past, there’s no magic formula to how many times you should post per day. What works for one company might not work for every company. Not to mention, a strategy that works on Facebook may not work on Instagram. What’s important is this: Consistency and quality.

If you want to learn more about the power of digital marketing and which strategies to use to your advantage, click HERE to head over to my 100% FREE online digital marketing course called The Free Boss Lifestyle Course OR book a call with me if you're not the do-it-yourself type! 


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