SHOPIFY CASE STUDY: $11k To $98k in Monthly Sales

It’s not every day a business makes nearly as much as it did in an entire year in just one month. The thing is, we just made it happen for one of our clients!

We helped take a client from $11,000 in monthly sales to about $98,000 in monthly sales just last month.

To show you how we got these incredible results, I’m going to walk you through all the ins and outs of the strategies we used right here in this blog and video. 

The Results

In all of 2018, our client sold $140,232.20.

Just in the month of March 2019, our client sold $98,487.33. His Shopify store also had over 14,000 store sessions in this month alone, as compared to about 23,000 store sessions throughout the entirety of 2018.

We didn’t spend a whole lot of money to increase traffic to the client’s site. People didn’t visit the store as often from a percentage standpoint, but we were able to convert more customers more often and increased the average order value by over $30.

How We Did It

In 2018, the client spent $5,800 on Facebook ads driving potential buyers directly to the client’s website.

Just last month, our client spent about $4,400 on Facebook ads. While we spent almost as much in one month as he spent over the course of 2018, that ad spend really wasn’t much when compared to the total sales in that month. Needless to say, a 10X ROI is something every business owner should be happy with. 

So how did we do it?

Most of the heavy lifting came from the offer, the success of the Facebook group, and a solid Messenger giveaway campaign.

We recommend and manage a lot of giveaways for our clients, mostly for ecommerce businesses and selling lower-priced products under $100.

For this particular client, we had the opportunity to test a giveaway for a must higher priced product ranging from $650 to $800.  

We gave away one of the client’s vehicle accessory kits, which was about a $700 product. A high-ticket giveaway campaign is what really helped out with increasing sales. Another strategy was our messenger bot sequence we used for the giveaway campaigns.

About The Giveaway

In a nutshell, potential customers were served a Facebook ad promoting the giveaway. They would then click the ad to opt-in through Facebook Messenger. Once they were entered, they went through a sequence of messages that included receiving a 10 percent promo code to save $70, collecting their email address, and then encouraging them to join our Facebook group. It’s in the Facebook group that we announced the winner of the giveaway.

By using this strategy, we were able to build multiple assets like Messenger subscribers, with about 83 percent of those subscribers giving us their email address and 50 percent joining the Facebook group!

Since launching this giveaway, a lot of magic has happened inside the Facebook group and the level of engagement has been super consistent. The members are posting pictures of the product and their vehicles, and it’s helping to build trust and credibility for the brand. The client also posts regularly in the group and is established as the authority figure. A lot of social proof and community building happens inside the group when you work it consistently! 

Other Tactics

For some time, the client was delaying increasing his prices even though costs of his materials were rising, so we used scarcity to drive more sales. We made prospects aware that prices would be going up very soon as a way to increase revenue.

Even though it was only a $50 increase, it was enough to get a lift and convince those who were thinking about buying to make the purchase.

The announcement worked, and most people appreciated the heads up!

On March 31 alone, the day before prices would increase, our client sold nearly $10,000 in just one day. The biggest sales days came when we sent Messenger and email blasts reminding people about the price increase and promo code expiring.

For this client, Messenger and email marketing were essential to keep the brand top of mind and to create awareness around the best times to buy.

We would love to help your business try to achieve the same level of success as this client. You can book a call with me if you're not the do-it-yourself type, or if you want to learn more about the power of Messenger marketing and other digital marketing strategies, click HERE to head over to my 100% FREE online digital marketing course called The Free Boss Lifestyle Course!


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