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Messenger Bot vs Email Marketing Case Study: Evergreen Webinar

In this video, we compare the results that we got from Facebook Messenger Chat bot campaign and from email marketing after testing the same messages in our message sequence. 

Watch the video to take a deep dive into our 5-part Evergreen Webinar follow-up sequence using both ManyChat for Messenger marketing, as well as ConvertKit for email. 

This video will show you first hand how effective Facebook Messenger marketing really compared to email. 

The goal in setting up these sequences was to remind our subscribers to watch our clients' webinar, and ask them to book a free consultation with our client. 

While we got single digit click-through rates with our email marketing efforts, we saw extremely high, double digit click-through rates using Messenger. Let's look at these numbers!


Email—ranged from 3.8% to 21.8%  

Messenger—ranged from 78.1% to 97.4% 


Email—up to 13.6%

Messenger—up to 36.5%

Even after the 4th follow-up message we sent to our subscribers, we were getting open rates in the 80 percentile when sending webinar reminders to our subscribers through Messenger! You've just gotta get on Messenger!!!

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