ManyChat Tutorial: How To Best Broadcast To Your Subscribers

In this ManyChat tutorial video about Broadcast messages, we'll show you how to create a highly effective automated Broadcast chat bot to share with your subscriber list. 

This Broadcast will help you connect with your audience on the Facebook Messenger platform so you can stay top of mind by sharing your content regularly. 

This video will also show you valuable tools you can use when building your Broadcast chat bot including permission marketing tactics, how to share your YouTube videos and other content through Messenger, as well as best practices for crafting your messages to your ManyChat subscribers. 

You'll learn different uses for Tags, Quick Reply buttons, call-to-action Buttons, Emojis, GIFs, and the overall set up process for your automated bot messages. 


You can follow these ManyChat best practices to qualify your subscribers and make sure that they're getting the most out of their relationship with your brand on Facebook Messenger.

Download Our FREE ManyChat Cheat Sheet

Our FREE PDF Cheat Sheet covers the 11 CRUCIAL FEATURES Your ManyChat Messenger Bot MUST HAVE and comes with a video walk-through. 

You'll Learn:

  • How to increase user engagement with your message flows

  • What makes Messenger bots more effective than emails

  • How to collect user information, then send to your CRM 

The video walk-through that comes with the PDF cheat sheet gives you an in-depth explanation of these features and how you can use them to enhance your conversations with your audience. 

Click HERE or the button below and type the word LEARN to get your FREE PDF Cheat Sheet and video walk-through via Facebook Messenger.


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