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ManyChat Tutorial: Create A Conditional Follow Up Response

In this video, we'll show you how to set up a Conditional Follow-up Response message in ManyChat for your Facebook Messenger bot. 

This type of Condition allows you to set up an "if/then" message automation so you can follow up with your subscribers depending on their recent  responses and button clicks using Tags.

Using this Condition feature in your Facebook chat bot strategy is super helpful. It means you can use the button Tags that you set up in previous messages to segment your Many Chat Messenger bot subscribers and then easily determine which groups should receive certain automated messages based on their clicks and tags! 

For instance in this scenario, the goal was to book more calls. If a subscriber clicked a button that said "Wanted to Book A Call" BUT didn't click the next button to complete the call booking afterward, then the Condition would send an automated message to our tagged subscribers just hours later only those who were interested in booking a call but didn't actually book the call. 

Before there were Conditions for our ManyChat chat bots, we would have had to message everyone—even those who already scheduled a call, or not have followed up at all!

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