ManyChat Template Tour: Boost Social Proof Messenger Bot

In this video, we'll show you a very useful tool for ecommerce stores in the form of a ManyChat Messenger Chat Bot template. 

The goal of this chat bot is to get reviews and social proof on products sold on an ecommerce website so the ecommerce brand can build trust, credibility, and a sense of value around the products it's selling. 

By watching this video, you'll see exactly how we used a promo code to entice Messenger users to subscribe to our bot and how we then set up a follow-up message and automated ManyChat Rule to reach back out to our new subscribers.

The goal in following up with our audience was to learn if they used the discount code yet and to remind them to use our promo code if they hadn't yet. For those who responded that they did purchase a product using the code, we set up our Messenger bot to reply to those people by asking if they would leave a review. 

We then used the ManyChat Rule feature to set up a final reminder asking for a review to anyone who was willing to give us a review but hadn't replied with their feedback yet. 

Watch the video to get all the details for how we set up this Facebook Messenger bot to deliver a promo code to your audience and to ask your customers for raving reviews!!! To purchase this Boost Social Proof ManyChat Messenger Bot Template, click here!

Download Our FREE ManyChat Cheat Sheet

Our FREE PDF Cheat Sheet covers the 11 CRUCIAL FEATURES Your ManyChat Messenger Bot MUST HAVE and comes with a video walk-through. 

You'll Learn:

  • How to increase user engagement with your message flows

  • What makes Messenger bots more effective than emails

  • How to collect user information, then send to your CRM 

The video walk-through that comes with the PDF cheat sheet gives you an in-depth explanation of these features and how you can use them to enhance your conversations with your audience. 

Click HERE or the button below and type the word LEARN to get your FREE PDF Cheat Sheet and video walk-through via Facebook Messenger.


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