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Manychat Messenger Bot Templates: 8 Ways How To Choose And Use Them Best

There are surefire ways that you can grow your Facebook Messenger and ManyChat subscribers quickly and effectively without spending tons of money on custom bots that literally cost thousands of dollars! 

In this video, we cover how to best choose and use ManyChat Messenger bot templates for your business. 

Chatbot templates are a great way to cut out a lot of time and money from your Messenger marketing efforts, so we've covered the top 8 Messenger bot features for you that you need to make sure you're getting when you purchase a ManyChat template.

Some are more obvious than others. From customer support to tutorial videos, the use of GIFs and emojis for fun, all 8 Facebook bot template must-haves are super important in order to make sure you have a realiable chatbot to engage with your audience!

Watch the video above to learn about all the things your new ManyChat Messenger Bot Template should have before you buy!!!

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You'll Learn:

  • How to increase user engagement with your message flows

  • What makes Messenger bots more effective than emails

  • How to collect user information, then send to your CRM 

The video walk-through that comes with the PDF cheat sheet gives you an in-depth explanation of these features and how you can use them to enhance your conversations with your audience. 

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