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How to Use Facebook Messenger Marketing In Just 7 Minutes with Ian Smith & Tom Poland on Marketing The Invisible Podcast

I love participating in a podcast episode, because they’re a great way to distribute content and they can be pretty fun! 

If you don’t know who Tom Poland is, he’s the creator of the proprietary Leadsology® Model, the podcast called Marketing The Invisible, and The Five Hour Lead Generation Challenge.

Tom works with professionals to embed lead generation systems into their businesses so they can receive a weekly flow of new client inquiries. 

Since we’re both in the business of generating leads, we thought it would be good to chat for a few minutes. If you’ve seen my content, you can probably guess we talked about Facebook Messenger. 


Here’s what we talked about.

Who is my ideal client?


Simple put, my ideal client is someone who needs leads. If you survive off of leads and need to keep potential clients and customers coming in, we could be a good fit. 


What’s the problem I solve for my clients? 


My agency helps businesses get leads at a low cost and a higher volume using content and Facebook advertising. Content is valuable because it helps businesses warm up leads and extract valuable information from them. 

Messenger chatbots built in ManyChat can ask your leads qualifying questions and share contact information and responses to a database, CRM, and to a sales team instantly to be followed up with.

Not only is this strategy effective for organizing leads, but it also shortens the sales cycle. 

What are the common online marketing mistakes businesses make? 

The solution is not just spending more and more money on ads driving traffic to your website or a form. 

Educating your audience using content, offering them free value, telling them why you’re the expert, sharing your prices and FAQs up front, telling them who would be a good fit as a client, and what to expect when working with you—that’s what solves the problem of not having enough of the right customers or clients.  

What is one valuable action marketers & business owners can take to solve their lead gen problem? 


Create simple written and video content on a regular basis. Don’t be afraid to jump in front of the camera or go live, share your clients’ and customers’ success stories, and offer free information that solves your audience’s problem. 

Create several videos! In fact, click here to watch my YouTube video where I cover all the different videos you can use for Facebook retargeting ads!   

What is a free resource for business owners who want to fix their lead gen problem?


I offer a ton of my strategies for FREE on my YouTube channel. You can learn my techniques for building Messenger bots, the reasons I use them, how I set up Facebook ad campaigns, how I shoot my videos when sharing content, how to build sales funnels, and more.

You can also get FREE access to my online course called The Free Boss Lifestyle Course.

Again, all of these resources are completely and 100% FREE!

The information I’m sharing with my audience on a daily basis and the process of evolving your online marketing strategy to include content creation will dramatically and positively improve your business and lead quality—I’ve proven it with my own business.

I’m always happy to jump on a call to discuss these opportunities and strategies with you. Just click HERE now to schedule a call with me!  


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