How To Get More Messenger Bot Subscribers CHEAP & FAST

I’m about to share with you two simple ways to build a very large messenger bot subscriber list.

The best part? These strategies will help you build your list fast and for a very small investment.

Not only will you be building a messenger subscriber list, but you’ll also build an email list so you can reach your followers in two different places to stay top of mind.  

Facebook Giveaway

When running your giveaway campaign on Facebook, you want to make sure you’re giving away a product that’s relatable to your main product/service. In a sense, you’re giving your customers a taste of what your main product or service is and what you can offer your customers.

Choosing a relevant giveaway item also helps you build a list of people who are actually interested in what you have to offer. You want to be able to sell them something down the line.

Now here’s how to build the best list of low-cost subscribers and emails, and increase awareness around your brand.

When you’re running ads, it’s important to target higher income people because it will be easier to convert this demographic into customers. While it’s not always the case, lower-paying customers typically only want to get their freebie and move on — they aren’t interested in spending their own money.

When targeting higher income people, the value of your giveaway should be significant.

If your giveaway is valued at only $50, then people with high incomes likely aren’t going to care because it’s not worth their time and effort. You should make the value of the giveaway at least $300 or more. This is going to give you a lower cost per entrant on your giveaway campaign as well as a more qualified list of potential customers. 

Watch the video above to see my step-by-step process for creating giveaways in ManyChat. That’s where the real magic happens. I show you all the data and how much I spend on Facebook ads per month for giveaways. All of this information will give you an idea of how I run giveaways so you can use these strategies for your own giveaway campaign!

You can also purchase our ManyChat templates to really help you create all-star giveaways faster and easier.

The idea behind a giveaway is to drive potential customers into Facebook Messenger so you can connect with them in a one-on-one setting.

If you didn’t know, Messenger marketing is 10X more effective than email marketing which is the primary reason we use it so much.

While we still use email marketing, messenger marketing is another way to reach customers and guarantee better open rates.

We also create a Facebook group for every brand that we run giveaways for. This allows us to encourage giveaway people to join the group which helps us grow our community—and another way to reach our potential customers. The group is also where we will announce the winners of our giveaways so there’s a clear incentive there for subscribers to join the group!

To show authenticity and credibility, we make sure to always close the giveaway, announce the winner, and ship the product. We then ask the winner to post the product in the Facebook group so it’s clear that we did, in fact, give away the high-priced product to the winner.

After we go through the giveaway process and have built credibility, trust, and familiarity, we can continue to market to potential customers via Messenger, email, and by posting regularly in the group!

A Freebie For Everyone

The second way to get more Messenger subscribers is similar to the first strategy. If you don’t want to do a giveaway, then you can get more subscribers with a lead magnet or give something away for free to everyone who opts in.

You’ll want to create a free product that’s digital to keep costs low or free for you, preferably a video series, a single valuable video, and/or a downloadable PDF that offers the user information they didn’t already know.  

This product must contain a lot of valuable information for it to work.

Your freebie could even be a mini-course or full course that took you a lot of time and effort to put together. Don’t be afraid to give some things away for free to get attention and build that trust with your audience.

The process for running ads to raise awareness about the free digital download is going to work best as a Facebook ad connected to your Messenger Growth Tool and Flow. Your ad should have a call to action such as sign up. Then customers will click on the ad which will take them to Messenger. You can either ask for their email address in Messenger and deliver the content via email, or you can give them the exclusive link to your course where you collect their email address and information there.

This means each user who clicks on your ad and gives you their email address is going to become a Messenger subscriber and email subscriber, allowing you to build two assets at once.

As your audience consumes the information in the freebie you sent them, they’re going to build a relationship with you, your company, and your brand. As a result, when you upsell them on other products, they’ll be more likely to purchase your products because you gave them something for free in the past that supported the purchase of this new product and because they trust you more.

If you got a lot of value from these Messenger and giveaway strategies, we would love to help you more! Book a call with me anytime if you're not the do-it-yourself type, or click HERE to check out more of these DIY strategies when you join my 100% FREE digital marketing course called The Free Boss Lifestyle Course!


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