How I Use Facebook Messenger & ManyChat For ChatBots

In this blog and video, I cover just some of the many ways that I use Facebook Messenger and ManyChat for my clients and to grow my own business online. 

Within my agency, Evolve Media, we work with a lot of ecommerce businesses and others. For all of them though, we offer services that range from Facebook advertising, Messenger marketing, building chatbots and templates, to building out custom sales funnels, landing pages, writing copy, and creating written and video content.  

Being in the online marketing space and learning ManyChat since it first became available has allowed us to create a ton of different types of bots that we use to reach different goals for our own business and for all of our clients. 

To learn some of the features that your chatbot needs to be effective and engaging, make sure to access my FREE cheat sheet and video walkthrough called the “11 Crucial Features That Your ManyChat Messenger Bot Must Have.” All you have to do is visit to opt in and download the cheat sheet, get the follow up messages plus tons of free value, and see how I use bots firsthand to connect and follow up with my audience.  

How I Use Messenger & Chatbots


Instead of using email, I use Messenger as a way to give people a lot more information and follow up via tutorial videos and quick tips in a way that’s much more personal and one-on-one. If you've seen any of my other content, you probably already know I'm a big fan of Messenger over email because of the open rates and click rates alone!

Calendar bookings is another goal that I use Messenger for, and I make sure to always collect emails at that point in the relationship with my audience. When someone expresses an interest in booking a meeting with me, they simply click the Calendly link in my chatbot message which links them to the available days and times to talk.

Using this strategy, I can also set up my Calendly software to ask a person how they found me. This helps me understand what tactics are working so I can put more effort and money into that form of advertising and content.  

How We Use Messenger & Chatbots For Our Clients 

For our clients, we’re using chatbots in a ton of different ways. How we decide this is by first figuring out the client’s goal and what they have to offer their audience. 

Questionnaire Chatbot For Qualified Leads & Clients

In one client example, we offered prospects a valuable piece of content or a free consultation in return for answering a few questions, and providing their phone number and email address.

For a realtor, those qualifying questions would be, “How many bedrooms do you want in your new home?” “What is your ideal location?” and “What kind of budget do you currently have?”


By asking a series of questions that relates to our client’s expertise and getting the lead's contact information, we’re able to reach back out to prospects with additional questions that will help our client find them their next home. 

This same strategy can be used for insurance agents, financial planners, mortgage brokers, personal trainers, and more! 

Giveaway Chatbot For Engagement, List Building, & Purchases

For our ecommerce clients, we’re constantly creating giveaway bots which is my favorite type of bot. Here's how it works.

After users see a Facebook ad announcing a giveaway, they click it and opt in through Messenger. Once they confirm they want to enter to win the giveaway, we ask them if they want to increase their chances of winning by entering twice and providing their email address. Then we offer them a 3rd entry if they choose to share the giveaway post with their Facebook friends.

We’re getting people who have never heard of these brands and products before to become a subscriber in Messenger and in email. We’re also incentivizing them even more because we’re giving subscribers an instant promo code to purchase at a generous discount right away.

The conversion rates have been incredible and the cost per subscriber has been insanely low. On average, our cost per subscriber acquisition is typically between $0.50 and $1 and can be as low as $0.30-$0.40 for those clients who have more brand equity and an existing audience or customer base. 

In most cases, 80% of subscribers are giving us their email address and 60% are sharing the giveaway post. This means we are able to gather multiple assets and get extra visibility that we didn’t even have to pay for. 

Then when we’re ready to announce the winner of the giveaway, we ask our Messenger subscribers to find out if they won by joining a Facebook group and checking out our winner announcement post pinned at the top of the group page. 

This is another great asset to have because you can continue to grow the group, build an engaging community of like-minded people and potential buyers, and have an easy way to get in front of your audience on a regular basis and stay top of mind.  

If it makes sense for you to do a giveaway, figure out something you can offer for free that closely relates to your product and use Facebook ads and Messenger to promote it. If you’re not the type of person who likes to do it yourself, feel free to contact me and our team will set it up for you!

Webinar Chatbot For Registrations & Qualified Leads

You may not be in the business of selling products, but I assure you there’s a chatbot to help your business too. 

Marketing for a webinar using Messenger has been super effective for getting visibility and leads for our clients. Even just giving away a free piece of very valuable content like a digital PDF download is powerful as I mentioned in the Questionnaire section of this blog.

Here’s how we do it for our Webinar clients and coaches. We start by explaining in a Facebook ad that you have a free masterclass or web class that will teach them invaluable information like X, Y, and Z. We tend to avoid using the word “webinar” since it doesn't seem to resonate with people much’s like saying “seminar”. 

Tell your audience you’re also giving them a free PDF download or guide when they sign up. This helps to really stack up the value.

Your webinar can be live or evergreen. Regardless, always collect an email address that can be triggered by Zapier to zap their contact information over to your current email platform and list. You should also set up a zap to send their registration information to your webinar software. This will allow you follow up with them on multiple platforms before and after the webinar takes place.

For our clients, we usually like to ask their subscribers if they would like to book a free consultation phone call after they watch the webinar video. It’s a very powerful offer and you’ll quickly be able to differentiate those who are truly interested in your product or service from those who are not interested.

There are tons of ways that you can use chatbots to market your business through Messenger. I recommend experimenting with ManyChat and giving it a shot. Figure out what your goals are and how you can accomplish them using Messenger. Ask yourself how you can relate and connect with your audience on this growing platform in a way that’s genuine and really helps them out. 

Also, visit our website to check out our 19+ ManyChat Messenger templates. Get one, download it, try it out. You can also schedule a call with me by clicking HERE so we can help you develop your own Messenger marketing strategy!  


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