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Funnel Hacking ClickFunnels Main Sales Page

In this funnel hacking video, we take a close look at ClickFunnels' sales funnel and landing pages, and we breakdown all the sales and marketing strategies that are happening on the ClickFunnels pages which was built by expert funnel builder Russell Brunson and his team. 

In this video, we point out a lot of sales psychology tactics and how they work, the overall process of building sales funnels, best practices for sales funnel building, and the sales tips and tricks everyone should know! 

Watch the video to see how Russel Brunson's company uses their landing page builder platform to sell that very same landing page builder platform to other businesses. 

You can use the same techniques Russell's team uses on their ClickFunnels sales pages. These techniques include the use of tons of effective sales language and valuable content such as:

- A MASSIVE promise statement as the headline 

- A "Without..." statement that solves the problem or objective businesses have when it comes to building a sales funnel 

- GIFs and other engaging features that encourage people to click, read and continue scrolling

- Social proof and testimonials with convincing claims that are highlighted and bold

- Bright colors for calls to action that grab your attention 

- A Quiz to address specific business problems for different industries

- A case study as Quiz results that relates to your industry and solves your problem 

- A convincing way to capture email addresses and Facebook Messenger subscribers 

- More social proof to build credibility 

- A live chat feature to offer support and answer prospect questions fast

- Features and benefits of the ClickFunnels product with large CTA buttons repeated several times throughout the page 

- Another one liner that communicates their promise and unique selling proposition (USP)  

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