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Facebook Ad Strategies For E-commerce Business Owners

In this blog, I’m going to reveal my best Facebook advertising tips that you can use to make your ads perform better than ever.

These Facebook ad strategies have helped me grow my clients’ businesses as well as my own, so this is your chance to learn from my mistakes and split testing, and save yourself a lot of time and money. 

1 | Set The Budget At The Campaign Level

Instead of setting the budget on the ad set level, set it on the campaign level. This will ensure that your ads don’t compete against each other which can increase the cost of your conversions, clicks, views, etc.

Look at it this way. If Facebook needs 50 conversions to perform as best as possible, putting the budget on the campaign level means you’re more likely to hit the conversion minimum in order for Facebook to optimize.

2 | Start Campaigns At A Lower Daily Cost

When you don’t have a big budget, start your campaigns at around $10 a day. Let your ads warm up and get optimized while collecting data. You can always scale up from there.

What I’ve seen from spending hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past couple months across different ad accounts and industries is that if you start a campaign or ad set at a high daily ad spend, such as $100, Facebook quickly blows through that money.

Therefore, your ads will perform horribly, and your cost per conversion, cost per click, and cost per landing page view will all be very high. By being conservative in the beginning, you’ll have time to analyze and optimize as needed without blowing your budget.

3 | Use The Conversions Objective

When targeting large cold audiences with a smaller daily budget, I encourage you to use the conversions objective. You want to make sure your pixel has a good amount of data, so pick a conversion event that will give your pixel the most amount of data.

You may not want to pick the purchase conversion event if you only have a budget of $10 a day because you’re not going to get a lot of purchase conversions.

Try testing events like view content, add to cart, or add payment info, because these actions happen more often and will give your pixel more data to optimize. 

When targeting smaller audiences, such as retargeting people who visited your website, you target 10,000 or so people. I recommend using a campaign objective that’s going to give you a cheaper CPM, which is your cost to reach 1,000 people. The goal is to spend as little as possible to reach 1,000 people. This will also allow you to throttle how many times people see your ad over a given time period.

Cheaper campaign objectives will lead to reach, brand awareness, traffic and video views. 

4 | Split Test Your Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences are great for reaching new people who are similar to those in your ecosystem. However, there are lots of ways you can use Lookalikes. Try split testing your Lookalike audience alone against your Lookalike audience with narrowed down demographics, targeting and interests.

I’ve found that when your Lookalike isn’t narrowed down, ads perform well. However, I’ve also seen success when putting multiple Lookalike audiences into one ad set that are narrowed down with demographics and interests. Doing this means you’ll probably end up with an audience size of 4 million or more. Either way, try both methods and see which works best for you.

Let these campaigns run for a few days or a week depending on your ad spend. Facebook’s algorithm is going to optimize and figure out which split test will result in the best conversions so you can turn the others off.

With this type of split test, use the conversions campaign because you’re going to be targeting sizable audiences and reaching cold traffic.

5 | Retargeting Ads

When you’re setting up retargeting ads, you want to make sure you have a lot of ad variety. The worst thing you can do is retarget your audience with one single ad. After all, people will see that ad over and over again and will surely get annoyed to the point of requesting that Facebook stop showing it.

In the ideal situation, you have 10 ad sets that are all targeting people who have engaged with your page and visited your website.

Use multiple images and videos in your ads that link to different places and pages on your website.

The goal is to show a large variety of ads to your audience to ensure they see a different ad each time they sign on. 

Ad variety can help build relationships with your audience, increase the amount of trust they have with your brand, and establish some familiarity and credibility with them over time. 

6 | Targeting Cold Traffic Using Videos

When you target cold traffic, try using the conversions campaign objective. Then drive traffic to your blog or website so they can learn about your brand and see what you offer.

For the ad creative, use a video to give your audience as much information as possible in a short amount of time. Then, retarget them with an ad using the Messages campaign objective. When people click on the ad, they’ll be pushed into Facebook Messenger. This allows you to have a one-on-one conversation and engage with them on a personal level while learning more about them. The goal behind doing this is to better understand your customers.

Driving users to Messenger will lower acquisition costs because you can then send anyone on your Messenger list a message whenever you want as opposed to spending more on ads. Continue to run ads only to grow your ecosystem of potential customers.

If you liked these strategies and ideas for improving your Facebook ads, we would love to help you more! Book a call with me anytime if you're not the do-it-yourself type, or if you want to learn more so you can use these strategies on your own, click HERE to head over to my 100% FREE online digital marketing course called The Free Boss Lifestyle Course!


Facebook Ad Strategies For E-commerce Business Owners
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