Exploding Your Revenue with Content Marketing Featuring Ian Smith and Nancy Gaines on The Nancy Gaines Show Podcast

I recently chatted with Nancy Gaines, CEO of Gain Advantages, about how content can have a huge impact on a business’ success. Keep reading or have a listen here on this page (left) or visit Nancy's Podcast site here

Nancy has coached countless business owners and helped them overcome their toughest challenges to get their businesses to work for them.If you’re looking for ways to grow your business, take a look at what we talked about because I know for sure you’ll benefit from it!

How Do You Use Content? 

Content is everything. It’s the number one tool to build a relationship online, whether it’s creating blogs, video content, or audio content. One of the most important things we do is create valuable content and offer it for free over and over again to build trust, credibility, and familiarity.

Content helps you build that virtual relationship, get people interested in your product or service, show them how it works, and then get them to opt in in return for what you’re offering. It’s the power of a lead magnet. 

What Are Your Thoughts On SEO Versus Creating Content?


SEO and content go hand in hand. In order to rank well, you have to have great content. You’re going to put your keywords into your content. Those keywords and content need to hold people’s attention. 

What Mistakes Do People Make When Creating Videos & How Can They Avoid Them? 

Mistake #1 Not having an attention-grabbing hook within the first 5-10 seconds.

This is the most important part of the video. Why should they give you their time? Many people waste time introducing themselves first instead of telling people why they should care.

Mistake #2 Not valuing people’s time. 

When you ramble and don’t stick to the point, you’re not respecting their time. Make sure to stay on track and solve the problem that you told them you would, and do it quickly. 

Mistake #3 Not having a clear and related call to action. 

Some people don’t have any call to action. The piece of content just ends and the user leaves because there’s no logical next step. As you think of your main goal, think about what you need your audience to do in order to reach it and make sure it’s relevant to them.  

For the 4th mistake people make in their videos, click HERE to watch my YouTube video and make sure to subscribe to my Channel while you’re there!  

How Do You Write Effective Copy? 

Quickly get to the point in the first couple lines of copy. 

Grab their attention by sharing something with them that they’ll really want to know and tell them what exactly they’re going to learn by sticking around.

Many companies don’t even get to the benefits of their product because their copy is so focused on getting the sale so it sounds sales-y. If they just focused on the benefits and what the product could do for the consumer, they would sell more!

At my agency, we focus on content creation and content distribution with blogs, emails, copy for Messenger Bot automations and flow, as well as voice over scripts which we then turn into videos to use on social media platforms and as ads.

We also create blog-style videos or what we call “Blogdeos.” These videos are used to educate people about common problems, trigger their pain points, and then propose a solution that a product provides. We then offer them more free information when they opt in for it. These videos do very well inside social media.


Why Are Messenger Bots Best For Companies? 

People are on Facebook all the time with their notifications turned on. The same can not be said for email. Many people delete their emails before even opening or reading them. This is not the case yet with Messenger, making it a massive opportunity!

Messenger click rates are 60-80% versus 1-3% for email and open rates are much higher as you can imagine. For some of our clients, we saw a 100% open rate. Bet you never heard of that...

How Can People Work More Closely With You? 

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Many small business owners who don’t mind doing the work themselves take advantage of the inexpensive Messenger bot templates we offer and choose to take advantage of my FREE online video course to learn how to edit and use the bot to reach their own goals. But a lot of times companies hire us to take care of it all so they can focus on what they do best!  

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