BEST STRATEGY For Scaling a Shopify Drop Shipping Business With Facebook

When building a drop shipping business with Facebook ads, you should look at it more like brand building and less like a cash-grab, earn-and-burn situation.

As you likely know, my main business is running a marketing agency. After a lot of consideration, I’ve decided to parlay all of the services I provide into my own drop shipping business.  

In this video and blog, I will explain to you the different strategies I use and implement to grow a massive brand and launch multiple stores all targeting the same audience.

It All Starts With Facebook

First, let’s start with Facebook ads. One of the strategies I use to target cold traffic is running product giveaways. What we do is create a product bundle and promote it in a Facebook image ad encouraging users to opt-in to our giveaway through Facebook Messenger. Our Messenger bot also collects each user’s email address so we’re able to build an email list.

We’re constantly following up with these entrants via email and Messenger by offering deals, pitching new products, etc. 

When we announce the winner, we’re doing that in a closed Facebook group. As soon as we send out a Messenger broadcast to everyone who entered the giveaway, we’re able to get thousands of new Facebook group members in a matter of hours.

On top of building these three assets, we’re gathering data to create Facebook Custom Audiences which allows us to retarget everybody who visits the store, engages with the page, makes a purchase, and abandons their cart. 

The idea is to get people to opt-in for one of our giveaways and then upsell them on a highly-discounted deal or a free plus shipping offer with the goal of converting them into paying customers.

Once someone makes that first purchase, I’m making sure they receive their product quickly to gain their trust and build credibility.

My hope is that when I retarget them and they see something they really like, they won’t hesitate to buy again. 

The Goal

The whole goal with this new venture is to sell products for moms and babies targeting all moms.

I’m also launching a third brand, which is food related.

To set these brands up for success, I’m working on growing an engaging Facebook group. When group members are communicating with each other and getting warmed up to the brands, I’ll be more likely to convert some of the people into customers. Then as I roll out other brands and Shopify stores, I can cross-sell those different products to the same audience of women.

Eventually, I want to grow an audience of people who are likely to buy repeatedly from all of my brands.

How I’m Going To Do It

It all stems from the Facebook group and building this massive group of moms who are connecting, offering each other advice, and engaging with the content we create.

One of my secrets for these new brands and growing this group is finding micro-influencers on Instagram. These are moms on Instagram who have relatively small followings—less than 5,000 followers. They’re already creating content, whether it’s on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook, and putting themselves out there. They talk about balancing being a mom with life and work, tips and strategies for labor, how to take care of infants, and so much more. 

I’m recruiting them and we’re partnering up by collaborating on content and sharing it in our group from my brand. At the same time, these contributors and influencers are getting new exposure and inviting members to follow them on their accounts and platforms.

As we create great content together, I can run it as an ad, get thousands of people to see it, and grow our audiences for these new brands.

A Difference In Strategy

I want to build a massive brand, which is a long-term play.

A lot of other drop shipping companies aren’t using the above strategies. Instead, they just run some Facebook ads driving traffic directly to their Shopify site hoping to get an impulse buy.

Because I have a messenger list, email list and Facebook group, I don’t have to spend as much money on Facebook ads and I can use the other brands and micro-influences to market the new brand. There’s a lot of trust, social proof, and third-party validation going on.

What’s Working

What’s really working well is the giveaway aspect, which attracts a ton of people to a low price.

Messenger bots are another powerful secret ingredient—way more powerful than email marketing.

Most of these drop shippers are using email marketing to stay top of mind. Email marketing open rates are usually in the single digits, maybe 10 percent, which is horrible. The click rate is 1 percent or less. 

However, Messenger rates are anywhere from 75 to 90 percent, with click rates being 25 to 60 percent. Messenger is the best way to drive low-cost traffic, give customers an offer, and remind them to act on it quickly.

I still use both Messenger and email marketing. I also use Facebook retargeting ads and run ads on Instagram.

As you can tell, I’m reaching customers in a lot of different places. Launching Google ads and a YouTube channel with the micro-influencers is my next project!

While this all sounds like a lot, it’s a long-term investment that will have long-term rewards.

We would love to help you set up or grow your drop shipping business! You can book a call with me if you're not the do-it-yourself type, or if you want to learn more about the power of Messenger marketing and our other digital marketing strategies, click HERE to head over to my 100% FREE online digital marketing course called The Free Boss Lifestyle Course


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