5 Videos To Create For Facebook Retargeting Ads

Whether you have an ecommerce store and you sell products, or you operate a service-based business that survives off of leads, listen up! 


You need to be using these 5 types of videos for your product or service brand as retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram. 

Here’s why!

Retargeting Video 1 | Customer Testimonial Videos 

In order to have customer testimonial videos, you have to connect with your customers who would be willing to give you a real review. Instead of hiring actors, your testimonial videos will be much more genuine if they come from a person who truly had a need for your product or service and who benefited from it directly. 


A testimonial video often works best when you are able to interview the customer via a screen-sharing and recording platform like Zoom or Skype. You can make sure it actually gets done instead of relying on the customer to shoot the video themselves. 


Before or during the video, make sure to ask them different questions about their experience when it came to purchasing and trying your product or service. Ask them if they were shopping around and how they made the decision to choose yours. Ask them how you helped them and what results they got. Doing so will help you massively build trust and credibility with your target audience and potential customers. 

Repeat this strategy with your customers on a regular basis. Serve these different testimonials videos to your audience over time for the best results. 

The goal is to then use a variety of :30-1:30 clips and run them as retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram. This encourages customers who are already warmed up to take action and get them off the fence. 

Retargeting Video 2 | Product Unboxing Videos 

Ask happy customers or someone on your team to film themselves opening up your product package upon receiving it in the mail. 

The goal in this video is to show everything that’s included in your product packaging when its ordered. 

This is going to give potential customers a great understanding of what they’ll be getting when they buy, and will most certainly eliminate any worries of not knowing what they will actually receive.

An unboxing video can even get viewers a little excited to receive their own as they see someone else opening it, as if they’re getting the package themselves first hand.


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Retargeting Video 3 | Product Demo Time Lapse Videos 

The benefit of shooting a product demonstration video is that you can get two videos out of just one shoot: a longer demonstration video AND an edited, fast-paced version for multiple, shorter video formats. 

Remember those mattress videos all over social media showing foam mattresses that ship to your door and when you open them, they expand and the new mattress owner jumps on top of it? That’s a great example of a demonstration, time lapse style video. 

These product demo videos can be very powerful, they work very well. If your product or service is the kind that they can physically use and they can feel excitement and see results, the outcome will be even better. You can even combine a product demo video and time lapse video into one and make a very engaging piece of content that sells.  

Retargeting Video 4 | Spontaneous Selfie Style Videos 

Selfie videos promoting your product or service are crucial. 

They quickly fulfill the need as a business to have a wide variety of creative and content for retargeting purposes. 

Multiple videos and content is what keeps people engaged and eliminates the likelihood that you’ll annoy them with the same ad over and over. 

These easy selfie style videos don’t take a lot of time to plan and they add to the large library of digital assets that you can use to promote your product or service as a solution and stay top of mind.  

Facebook Live is also a very effective way to shoot a selfie style video. You can run a Facebook Live video as an ad which looks much more organic because it looks different than a sponsored video ad. You can simply shoot the video as an Instagram story or Facebook Live video, save it to your phone, and set up an ad retargeting your most likely buyers and audiences. You can even shoot vertically and try tall videos that take up more of the users phone screen to be more effective. 

Retargeting Video 5 | Case Study Videos

Case Study videos are great for proving that you can deliver results when people try your product or hire you for your services. You can demonstrate that your viewers can see similar results as your current customers or clients. 

Since people first want to know that products or ideas are worth buying into before they commit financially, these case studies give them that peace of mind and reassurance. Like most of these other video types mentioned in this article, case study videos can be the final piece of content they need to see before they finally decide to buy your product or service. 

To set up a case study video, you can either speak directly into your camera or phone and talk strictly about the results and benefits of your product or service—similar to selfie style videos and using Facebook Live.

You can also put together a series of slides or a presentation and edit a video that shows a split screen of you and the presentation. The latter is slightly more professional and organized but having an equal balance of both and running them as ads is more effective than just one and it allows you to split test video styles. 

Don’t forget that shooting a wide variety of these different videos is going to significantly help you run more effective Facebook ads and more quickly and easily build relationships with your customers online. So do them all, and create them often!

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