5 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ad Performance Sucks At First

You just made what you think is a killer Facebook ad campaign for your business. 

You’re being creative, it’s catchy, you know your audience, and it hits all of your selling points. 

So, why aren’t you seeing conversions? 

Here are five reasons to consider: 

1 | They May Not Know You Well Enough. 

Yes, they watched your video and they may have seen and heard your name, but do they really know your brand well enough to trust it and want to buy into it? The answer is probably no.

You have to build trust, credibility, and familiarity so that they can find value in what you’re offering. You can build trust through videos and written content so that people can get to know who you are and will then trust you well enough to want to do business with you.

Share testimonials from people you’ve already helped so that they can see how you can help them too. You can also give them free pieces of content that they can opt-in for through e-mail or messenger bots.

People love to get free things. Using this approach will also give you more of an opportunity to retarget them in the future because you have a way to contact them directly. When you hit them multiple times, they get to know you better and can then trust you enough to do business with you. 

2 | You May Not Have Made A Big Enough Impact. 

Facebook is saturated with so many ads and content that people may not be seeking out what you have to offer. They’ll scroll and scroll through their feed without retaining anything they saw. That’s why you need to make an impression and stand out.

You can stand out by giving your audience a lot of really valuable content, and repeatedly showing your ads to them to build familiarity. This is a must if you want them to watch your videos and eventually take action. 

3 | You Might Not Be Hitting Them On All Platforms.


You can’t just run ads on Facebook and expect to be inundated with customers. It doesn’t work that way. You need to approach people on multiple platforms ten to twenty times before you can get any traction. While Facebook and Instagram are good places to start, you need to go further.

Give your audience the option to access more content through Messenger. Using ManyChat will allow you to gather their email address and even drive them to joining your Facebook group where you can build a sense of community and increase their trust in you.

Connecting with your audience on multiple platforms over and over can build a relationship that can result in them becoming a customer, and over time, even a repeat customer. 

If you want to discuss marketing on other platforms like Messenger and email, feel free to click here and schedule a free 30-minute call with me

4 | You’re Not Doing Enough Split Testing. 

Your Facebook ad may not be getting the results you want because you may not be split testing ads and audiences. 

Are you split testing different copy?

Are you testing different images within the ad?

Are you sending them to a variety of links to see what destination works best? 

You may even want to split test different offers. For instance, you can try a free plus shipping offer, free trial subscription, or discount code.

Split testing with different conversion events can also help you determine what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong.

You need to do a lot of split testing across all levels of the ad campaign to see what works and what doesn’t.

5 | You’re Being Too Impatient. 

You can’t expect to get a new customer immediately after someone sees your Facebook ad. You need to let your ads optimize and give people time to absorb your content. 

On average, Facebook ad optimization takes up to seven days regardless of the conversion event.

But, you also need to keep human nature and behavior in mind. The chances of building enough credibility with someone to make them your customer within just one month is slim.

Give your audience at least 60 days of consuming your content to consider buying from you. This allows enough time for people to learn about what you’re offering them and for you to build a relationship with them online.

Also, the sales cycle of each business is different. Be aware of yours and give your content and Facebook ads a chance to work for you. You can’t just set it and forget it, and expect to make tons of money.  

To learn more about using Facebook to market your business online, click here to book a call with me. Me and my team will help you figure out the best Facebook ads strategy for your business so you can get great results! 


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