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5 ManyChat Messenger Bot Growth Tools Your Business Needs

Think Messenger marketing only has to do with the Facebook Messenger platform? Not entirely. 

If you're promoting your chatbot correctly, you're also making sure to set up ManyChat growth tools that are visible and active on your website and landing pages so you can drive that traffic to subscribe and engage with your Messenger bot!

These ManyChat growth tools are essential in growing your subscriber list and having a successful Facebook bot for your audience to communicate with. Make sure to have a good balance of these growth tools on your page and don't overwhelm your website visitors with them. Test them for yourself and use 3-4 of the growth tools that make the most sense for your business and goals. They're all customizable so you can get the timing and repetition the way you want them.

Watch the video above to learn about these 5 ManyChat Messenger Website Growth Tool bots Your Business Needs!

1. Customer Chat Growth Tool 

2. Modal Growth Tool 

3. Button Growth Tool 

4. Box Growth Tool 

5. Bar Growth Tool 

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