4 Best Performing Messenger Giveaway Campaigns Using Chatbots

In this blog, I’m diving deep into several Messenger giveaway case studies I have personally launched and managed with my team for many of our clients. 

If you’re an ecommerce business selling products online, give one of these giveaway campaigns a try. You’ll love the results you get! 

To discuss setting up your own Messenger giveaway campaign, click here and schedule a call with me!

For all of these giveaways, we’re able to build multiple assets quickly and at a very low cost per acquisition. 

Those assets include:

•  Facebook custom audiences

•  Messenger subscribers

•  Email subscribers

•  Free organic reach from entrants sharing Giveaway posts

•  Facebook group members

•  Sales from special promo code 

...and of course potential new customers. 

To make the set up and management of a campaign like this a lot easier for you, I’m selling the same ManyChat Messenger Giveaway Chatbot as a template. Just visit our Evolve Media Agency website and look for the Messenger bot template called Giveaway Template 2 or 3. 


So let’s take a look at the results of these giveaway campaigns! 

Botanical Beauty Bundle Giveaway


For one of our clients that sells skincare products, we had just over 2,000 messages from new potential customers who opted into the giveaway. With a total spend of $1,100, that means each person who opted in cost us about $0.54 but we got more than just Messenger subscribers. 

Roughly 80% of those people are providing us with their email address for an additional entry, about 60% are sharing the Facebook post promoting the giveaway to get a 3rd entry, and 40% are joining the Facebook group to find out if they’ve won.  

With regards to the Facebook group—now whenever we post to share content with these 672 new members, we’re reaching them organically.

A few giveaway entrants even used our special promo code to shop at a discount right away.

Yoga Gratitude Giveaway 

For our yoga commence client, we spent close to $1,000 and got roughly 2,000 subscribers as well at a $0.50 cost per subscriber. 

90% of the total subscribers provided their email address to increase their chances of winning. 


Plus, we provided a promo code once the person entered the giveaway which resulted in sales from 10 subscribers. 

When it came time to announce the winner of the giveaway, we also announced that in our client's new Facebook group. We were able to get 719 of our Messenger subscribers to also join our Facebook group.


Female Retail Clothing Line 

For this client, we were able to leverage both her online store and her two physical store locations. They already had somewhat of a following at a local level so we started targeting there first. This is by far the best performing completed giveaway campaign we’ve done yet! 

We spent just over $1,200 on this giveaway, were able to get 1,600 Messenger subscribers at a cost of $0.76 per subscriber. From our total subscribers, we got emails from 79% of them so they could get more entries in the giveaway. Over 60% of subscribers shared the giveaway post for us which reached a lot of their friends, resulting in free visibility for our client’s giveaway.  


What’s amazing is that this client got a 100% open rate in Messenger. And when we announced the winner in our client’s new Facebook group, we were able to get 782 subscribers to join. 


This client also created a VIP promo code for all Facebook group members to use at any time with no expiration date.

Ecommerce Coffee Brand 


Another giveaway we’re still currently managing is for our client who sells artisan-roasted coffee. 

Even though we haven’t yet announced a winner in a group and ended the giveaway, we’re already seeing such great results!

So far we’ve only spent $160 and already have 600 Messenger subscribers who are super excited about potentially winning this product. The cost per acquisition for this campaign is only $0.27!

We’ve gotten 532 emails out of 610 total subscribers, which is incredible! We’ll continue this campaign up to $1,000 spend so we would expect to get over 3,500 subscribers if we continued at this rate of success.


These campaign case studies proves you can get amazing results from a Messenger giveaway campaign if you want to grow your list and a warm audience of potential buyers. 

Click HERE to schedule a call with me so we can discuss how to launch a giveaway campaign for your ecommerce brand. Even if you just want to make a move towards using Messenger to engage with your audience online, we can chat about that then, too. 


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