3 Ways To Set Up Facebook Retargeting Audiences

Facebook is one of the smartest and easiest ways to get access to more than two billion people every month. 

While you may use Facebook to attract new customers, it’s also an awesome platform to use for retargeting people who have already shown an interest in your products or services.

1 | Dynamic Product Ads

As an ecommerce business, if someone goes to your site and looks at several products but doesn’t buy any of them, you can use retargeting ads so that person will conveniently be reminded of your products in their Facebook feed the next time they log in.

To hone in on retargeting a little more, you can choose to serve your ads to people who have added an item to their cart but didn’t complete the purchase.To sweeten the deal for those who are closer to buying from you, you can also mention a special promo code in your retargeting ads.

Dynamic product ads are a powerful re-marketing tool because they show people the exact items they were interested in when they visited your site.

To get started you need to turn all of the items in your shopping cart platform into an RSS feed. Once this is done, take the RSS URL and assign it to your Facebook Business Manager.

The cool thing about dynamic product ads is that you don’t even have to create custom audiences. You can create your Facebook ad campaign and simply check the boxes of those audiences you want to target. It’s an easy, yet super effective way to get better results from your ads. 

2 | 90-Day Ecosystem 

 Another way to set up Facebook retargeting ads is to use the approach of the 90-Day Ecosystem. 

This will allow you to create a larger audience that has engaged with your brand online within the last 90 days. 

To start, you need to create three custom audiences. 

These audiences include: 

• People who have watched your videos in the last 90 days

• People who have engaged with your Facebook fan page within the last 90 days

• People who visited your website in the last 90 days


Next, you should create a saved audience that includes all of the three custom audiences in it that I mentioned above.

Once you have your audience saved, you’re going to use it to warm up your audience with multiple ads to make them more familiar with your product. You want to make sure you’ve got a good variety of ads and link them to different places to test what works best and ot keep your 90-day Ecosystem interested and engaged.  

3 | 5-5-5 Strategy 

You should also test this 5-5-5 Strategy when launching Facebook retargeting ads. Keep in mind this method works best for smaller custom audiences unless you’re willing to spend a good amount of money to reach a larger audience.

This strategy allows you to easily test 5 variations of ad creative to those who have engaged with your page very recently—within the last 5 days. Since this audience only includes people who have engaged with your page in the last 5 days, the idea is to serve them 5 different ads multiple times within a short period of time.

To show this audience the most value, your 5 ads need to be somewhat different. If they’re not, people will get annoyed and will never engage with them.

At the same time, this strategy is effective for dropping people who stop engaging with your page or ads after 5 days but keeps those who are more interested inside this audience so you can keep warming them up! You’re also reaching people who have become familiar with your content in the last 5 days so you’re more likely to be relevant when they see your ad and doing so helps you stay top of mind.

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