3 Reasons Why Amazon Sellers Must Get

If you’re an Amazon seller and you’ve never heard of ZonHero, you’re in for a real treat.

ZonHero will significantly help you scale your ecommerce business and I’ll tell you know how.

Here are three reasons why Amazon sellers must get ZonHero and how this one-of-a-kind software works.  

1 | ZonHero Connects Your Amazon Seller Account With Your Facebook Ad Account

Connecting Amazon with your Facebook Ads Manager allows you to retarget all of your Amazon customers with Facebook ads which means you can ask them to give you feedback in the form of a review. You can also cross-sell them other products you offer and encourage them to come back and buy again if it’s a consumable product.

On top of that, you can run a giveaway campaign using Facebook and Messenger to get customers as Messenger bot subscribers and even collect their email address for re-marketing purposes. When we launch giveaways, we also ask giveaway entrants to join our Facebook group so we can start building a community around our brand, which is beneficial for social proof, re-marketing, and so much more. 

2 | Track Your Facebook Ad Conversions

If you’re driving traffic to your Shopify site, a lot of people will discover your product for the first time in your Facebook ad. Then they’ll go to your Shopify site and learn about your product there … but many consumers actually prefer to buy through Amazon. So next they’ll go to Amazon, search for your product, and purchase it right there.

ZonHero lets you track that conversion so you know your true return on ad spend. When customers purchase on Amazon, the information gets sent over to your Facebook ad account and shows up in a separate data column (as you will see in my example in the video above). It will show that you had a purchase attributed to a particular campaign, ad set, and ad. It also shows the actual conversion value (how much the Amazon order was for). 

ZonHero also gives you the ability to turn an Amazon customer into your own customer.

When cross-selling or getting customers to buy again, you can direct them to your Shopify store, ClickFunnels sales page, or whatever sales channel you own so you can have better margins on your customers’ purchases and avoid paying Amazon fees.

3 | When You’re Running Your Facebook Conversion Campaign, You Can Optimize On That Event 

As you get more purchases from Amazon, ZonHero collects that data so it can be used to optimize for more conversions from your Facebook ads. This is going to make your ads perform better.

You’ll be able to decrease your cost to acquire each customer and scale your ecommerce business faster.

If ZonHero is the software you’ve been waiting for to really scale your Amazon sales, sign up for ZonHero here! You can also book a call with me anytime if you're not the do-it-yourself type, or click HERE to check out more of these DIY strategies when you join my 100% FREE digital marketing course called The Free Boss Lifestyle Course!


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3 Reasons Why Amazon Sellers Must Get
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