10 Ways To Get Messenger Bot Subscribers

If you’re trying to get more Messenger bot subscribers, then I encourage you to add these steps into your marketing strategy. All of this can be automated for Messenger using a platform like ManyChat.

These are the same strategies that I use for my business and my clients’ businesses to get thousands of new Messenger bot subscribers every month.  

1 | Give People Access To Your Course

Ideally, if you spent a lot of time building your course, you’ll want to sell it. But have you thought about offering it for free to show your audience a massive amount of value? Think about what you could sell them on next!

When giving your audience access to your course, the content should relate directly to your other content and products. For example, my Free Boss Lifestyle course teaches online marketing and sales techniques…

Check this out: 

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So, if you have a high-priced course, try giving away a mini-version of your course for free so people can see what it’s about and be intrigued to purchase it. The freebie could even be just a couple of videos that are inside your full course.

You can also offer them affiliate links, templates, and free downloads in the course.

The key is to convey the value you can bring your customers with your course and services, sell them on your expertise, and prove in a big way that you can help them.

2 | Offer A Free Consultation

If you’re a service-based business, you can offer your audience a free consultation in which you help them with their problems and offer solutions. Just remember when using a call booking software, you’re also collecting personal data such as email, name, and phone number, to grow your list of prospects.

You can even use Zapier to zap that contact information over to your email software or you can reach out to them directly.  

3 | Use A Lead Magnet

This is probably the most common strategy.

When using a lead magnet to grow your audience and list, the idea is to create a valuable information guide or cheat sheet that you give away to your customers for free.

The lead magnet can be a brief piece of content that you send to people for free via Messenger as a downloadable PDF. 

If you want to collect their email address, you can tell them about a second lead magnet once you have them in Messenger that you eventually email to them.

4 | Have Them Enter A Giveaway

This is something that I personally have a lot of experience in — I’ve run tons of giveaways and even have templates for sale to help you create your own giveaway campaign.

You can easily use these templates to get people as Messenger and email subscribers as well as to get people to share and like your posts to help with organic engagement in your giveaway ad. Then, by announcing the winner in a Facebook group, you can quickly grow your community.

Just like your course, your giveaway should relate directly to your other content and products to get more potential clients or customers into your ecosystem.

Another thing to remember about giveaways is that the quality of your entrants is going to be based on the quality of your giveaway.

If you only give something away that’s valued at $50 to $100, you’re probably not going to have the highest quality entrants. However, if you bump the value up to $500 or $1,000, you’re going to build a higher income audience and people who are more willing to purchase your other products and services after the giveaway.

5 | Offer A One-Time Promo Code or Discount

If you run an ecommerce store, Amazon store, or eBay store and you want to get more people to purchase your product, a great strategy is to offer a significant discount in the form of a promo code through Messenger.  

The promo code should be at least 30 to 50 percent off because that’s big enough to get people off the fence and become a customer. With that said, if you have a higher priced product, then a 10 to 15 percent promo code is still very reasonable. 

6 | Have Them Join Your Discount Deals Club

Promoting a discount club is different from offering a single-use promo code because you’ll be offering discounts regularly to your club members. You can send them links to buy products at a discounted rate on a regular basis. 

This strategy is like having a VIP club where people join for exclusive deals or to be the first to learn about your products and get access to them before they launch.

7 | Offer To Send Them Valuable Content

In other words, give your audience regular updates about your content. If you’re a content creator or have an active blog site where you put content out regularly, you’ll want to encourage people to opt-in and be notified when you create new content.

I recommend pairing this strategy with a lead magnet so you can ask people to opt-in to get notifications as well as an instant free guide.

8 | Offer Free Products As Incentives For Reviews

By creating a reviews club where people leave reviews in return for discounts or freebies, you can gather more social proof for your business or product.

You can also set up free plus shipping offers that you promote via Facebook ads and ask for reviews in return for the free product.

9 | Customer Support

If you have a lot of people who reach out to your company before or after a purchase, then you can drive that traffic to Messenger so you can cross-sell and upsell them on different products or deals down the line.

A customer support bot, for example, can be set up to hover in the bottom right corner of your website or you can add a Messenger button on an actual product page or contact page that encourages people to click to chat with a customer representative.

10 | Order Tracking

Similar to Customer Support, after the sale or during the checkout process, customers can check a box or opt-in to receive order updates through Messenger.

If you found value in these Messenger subscriber growth hacks, we would love to help you more! Book a call with me anytime if you're not the do-it-yourself type, or click HERE to check out more of these DIY strategies when you join my 100% FREE digital marketing course called The Free Boss Lifestyle Course!  


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